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Busting Myths About Metal Roofs

If you are looking into installing a new roof, there are many different roofing materials to choose from. And while metal roofing near Ridgewood is a popular option, there are many myths surrounding metal roofs that prevent some homeowners from considering metal. To learn more about the most common metal roof myths, read this article.

Metal Roofs Let You Hear the Rain

If you want one of the local roofing companies to install a metal roof so that you can hear the rain, you will be disappointed. In order for metal roofing to make a noise when the rain hits it, the roofing must be installed over an open rafter. Today’s metal roof shingles are installed on top of a wood roof deck, which muffles the sound made by the roof during rain. Skylights tend to be much louder than metal roofs during rain.

Metal Roofs Stop Ice From Forming

Metal roofs do not prevent the formation of ice. When snow melts over a warm roof, it will run to the edge of the roof and re-freeze. Roofing companies can fix this issue with any roof by eliminating heat flow to the roof. They do this by increasing attic ventilation, removing nearby heat sources, and increasing insulation.

Metal Roofs Save You From Shoveling Snow

Metal roofs shed snow when the temperature reaches five to eight degrees above freezing. And once the snow melts, it slides off the roof. Your roof contractor can install the roof in a way that prevents damage from snow, but not in a way that will save you from shoveling it.

Metal Roofs Make Your Home Warmer

Some metal roofs are highly efficient and reduce the amount of heat that enters the home, while others are inefficient. Aluminum roofs are the most efficient; they can reduce the heat entering the attic by as much as 34 percent, according to research conducted at the University of Central Florida.