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Common Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

If you have a flat roof near Ridgewood, you may not know that the repair and maintenance needs of a flat top roof often differ from those of a more traditional pointed roof. Whether you need flat roof cleaning or have roof leaks, it’s important to understand the unique qualities of your roof type and the repairs it may require. Read on to learn more about common commercial flat roof repairs.

Water Drainage

Water can accumulate on flat top roofs, resulting in a large puddle. Over time, the weight of the puddle could impact the structure of your roof, causing it to bend and fail. That’s why it’s important to have this standing water drained as quickly as possible as part of your general flat roof maintenance and repair plan.

Post-Storm Inspections and Repairs

After a major storm, it’s critical that you have your roof inspected for damage, especially near the flashings of the roof. These areas may develop gaps that need to be sealed up to prevent leaks. Lap seam repairs in the base flashings of a flat top roof may also need to be made after a storm.

Roof Drain Declogging

It’s easy to put off having your clogged roof drains cleaned. However, doing so can cause major problems for a flat roof. Clogged roof drains will result in standing water on your roof, adding a heavy weight that can damage the structure of your roofing. In addition, excess water can seep into flashing seams and freeze, creating gaps in the seams and weakening their hold.

Crease Fixing

Flat roofs sometimes develop weakened creases that aren’t leaking water but could eventually become part of a larger leak. A professional roof repair service is needed to fix these creases, as they have to be completely dried out before they can be sealed up again. Your local roofers may also use infrared thermography to find trouble areas on your roof. While these areas of moisture are not visible to the naked eye, they do give off heat that can be detected with an infrared camera.