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How to Protect Your Roofing During Winter

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house, especially during the winter. If you have subpar roofing materials or your attic is badly ventilated, then you could be in need of emergency roof repair during a Bergen County winter. There are simple ways to prepare your roof for winter, such as inspecting attic ventilation and buying a roof rake. For more ways to protect your roof, continue reading below.

Keep your attic ventilated

Ventilation and insulation are incredibly important to the continued health of your roof during the winter. Insulation keeps the temperatures regulated, which will help lower your energy bills and combat cold outside temperatures. Ventilation helps prevent moisture buildup, which can damage your home and attic interior, as well as your roofing materials. Make sure your roof vents and other forms of ventilation are in good condition and are not blocked by insulation or other items in your attic.

Use a roof rake

When there is heavy snow on your roof, then you will want to use a roof rake. Heavy snow and ice can cause your roof to collapse, especially if it is a flat roof. If snow continues to build up, or if it melts and refreezes, then ice dams may begin to form. As ice dams form and then melt, they can cause significant water damage in your attic and the rest of your home. To prevent the buildup of snow and ice, use a roof rake with a telescoping handle. Refrain from using chemicals to melt the snow, because these can cause damage to roof shingles and other roofing materials.

Schedule a roof inspection

If you are unable to use a roof rake, or you have other concerns, schedule a roof inspection. Roof inspectors can examine your roof, gutters, and chimney for any faults or damages. They can also remove excess snow and ice, if your roof needs it. If you have any concerns or notice potential problem areas, schedule a roof inspection right away.