Homestead Roofing Company - Ridgewood and North Jersey Roofers

Looking Back at the History of the Homestead Roofing Company Co.

Putting a roof over your head is obviously very important, but so is keeping that roof in good condition so that it does its job. The Homestead Roofing Company offers excellent roof maintenance near Ridgewood and specializes in installing and repairing roofs.

There are many roofing options in the area, but The Homestead Roofing Company is the only one that has been taking care of its customers for 85 years now. We were founded back in 1930 and have made a commitment to serving the community ever since. From putting new roofs on homes and taking care of roof repairs to installing vinyl siding and replacing windows, we do whatever we can to help improve your home. Our roofers are licensed professionals who take pride in their work. The next time you need roofing work done, The Homestead Roofing Company can handle the job.