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Over a Century of Roofing History (Infographic)

If you’re like most people, you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your roof, but there is actually a rich history behind it. As in many places around the world, roofs in New Jersey were often made of wood during the 19 th century, but because of the associated fire risk, new materials became popular. Asphalt roofing was initially only for the wealthy, since roofing shingles had to be handmade; the invention of a die cut machine allowed asphalt roofing to explode on the mainstream market. Now, roofing is focused on energy efficiency—for example, metal roofing is ideal to help control interior temperatures. Learn more about roofing history in this infographic from Homestead Roofing Company —a New Jersey roofing company that has its own rich history that spans 85 years. When it is time for a new roof or when you simply need a roof repair, contact our roofing contractors near Ridgewood. Please feel free to share this information about the evolution of modern roofing with your friends and neighbors.