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Questions to Ask Your Roofing Company

You should never enter into a roofing contract without knowing some specifics about local roofing companies in Ridgewood . Roof construction can be a lengthy, high-budget project, so you need to feel confident you’ve chosen the right company for the job. Here are some questions you should ask a few roofing companies before making your decision:

Do You Have Insurance?

Any contractor working on your home should have liability insurance and a workman’s compensation policy. While most roofing jobs will be problem-free, you’ll want to have the peace of mind that your roofing company is protected with insurance. Liability insurance keeps you from paying for damage caused by the contractor. Workman’s compensation protects you from paying for medical damages incurred on your property by the construction team.

Do You Have Your Roofing License?

Your roofing contractor should be properly and fully licensed to do roofing repairs and maintenance. Call county or state licensing offices to verify if the license is current and without violations. If the license is clean, and the company has a lot of experience, it will be a reliable choice for your roofing job.

Do You Offer Warranties?

A competent contractor should always guarantee his work. Ask your contractor if the work and the materials have warranties. You would be given two separate warranties depending on what is covered by the roofing company and the materials manufacturer. Consult your contractor for the specifics of each warranty, including what is covered and how long the guarantee lasts.

Do You Have References?

Almost every business survives on good references and reviews. You possibly heard of your roofing company through a friend or coworker; this is a great sign that you are picking the right company. If you do not have any direct referrals from people you know, look for the most highly reviewed local companies while browsing listings in your area. From these companies, ask for recommendations and reviews from previous clients as well as photos of past roofing jobs. Your roofing company should be able to stand by their previous work with pride.