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Roof Cleaning FAQs: Answers for Homeowners

Some roofing materials require less maintenance than others, butyou should have your roof cleaned once in a while no matter what kind of materials are involved. Cleaning your metal roofing or roof shingles can have an effect on your curb appeal, which is important for you as a homeowner as well as for your neighbors as members of the community. A dirty roof poses threats that can be easily avoided, but it’s best if you call the professionals, even if you have a flat roof. Here are some frequently asked questions about roof cleaning and the answers for homeowners.

Will roof cleaning improve my curb appeal?

The right roofing materials can work wonders for your home’s curb appeal, but no roofing materials are immune to debris and blemishes from overhanging trees and nesting animals. By having your roof cleaned on a regular basis, you maintain your enhanced curb appeal and get to continue enjoying the beauty of your home. Moss, bird droppings, and leaves can all build up on your roof and create dark patches that ruin the consistency of your design, but regular cleaning will make your roof shingles look as good as new.

How will roof cleaning protect my home?

The dirt that builds up on your roof isn’t always dangerous, but moss, mold, and algae can break down your roofing materials and make your roofing system less able to keep you and your family safe. Broken roofing shingles won’t do as good of a job at keeping wind, moisture, and pests out of your house, which means you could face a wide range of problems, from mold growth to pest contamination. Cleaning the roof removes these harmful contaminants, so they can’t break down your protective barrier from the elements.

Should I do roof cleaning myself?

As important as it is to clean your roof, it’s even more important to be safe. Roofing professionals have been trained to clean roofs using the safest methods and materials. Work with the experts so you don’t put yourself in danger when you’re having your roof cleaned.