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Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Property’s Gutters

Gutter replacement is necessary to keep your commercial property safe from water leaks and flooding. Over the years, your commercial property’s gutter could become damaged or in need of replacement. Signs of mold, water damage, and rust are all common reasons to call professional roof inspectors in Bergen County, NJ to thoroughly check gutters and other susceptible areas of the roof. If you have wondered whether your gutters need to be replaced, read below for some noticeable signs that it is time to call your roof inspectors for gutter replacement.

You spot mold or mildew around the foundation

Wherever you notice mold, this is a sign that you may have a problem with water in or around your property. While inspecting your commercial property’s foundation, look out for signs of mold or mildew. You may see clusters of white, brown, green, or black specks growing on your foundation or building. If you see these specks, then schedule roof inspectors to examine your gutters right away, as they may not be properly diverting water from the property.

You see sagging or heavy-looking gutters

When gutters look saggy or they seem heavy with water, then your roof inspectors may need to replace the gutters soon. Gutters should be straight and flush with your roof. If they are sagging, then they may be too full of water or be damaged; both possibilities likely signal a future gutter replacement.

You see water damage around the foundation

Along with signs of mold, signs of water damage on your foundation or property are indicators of gutter damage. If water is coming out from somewhere other than the designated downspouts, then your gutters may be damaged and leaking elsewhere. These damages should be repaired right away, or the gutters should be replaced.

You spot rust or damages to the gutters

Most gutter materials should not rust or rot, but it can happen. If you see areas of red or red-brown collecting on your gutters, then call your roof inspectors right away. In addition to rust, small cracks can develop and grow when not addressed by a professional.