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Spotting the Signs of Damage on Your Roof

A new roof will provide your home with protection and style for up to two decades or longer. Since your roof is directly exposed to harsh environmental conditions, this part of your home is particularly vulnerable during a storm. When your roof becomes damaged, you will want to set up emergency roof repair right away. A contractor that offers emergency services and storm damage roof repair near Ridgewood will be able to fix the affected areas of your roof and make sure that your home is protected from leaks. Look for the following signs when it is time to schedule roof repairs.

Missing Flashing

During a new roof installation, flashing is used to create a watertight seal around your chimney, in your roof valleys, and around other sensitive areas on your roof. Flashing is typically constructed from metal or cement. Missing flashing is a sure sign that your roof has become damaged. Without properly secured flashing, your roof could begin to spring a leak.

Curled Shingles

Asphalt shingles create the main protective layer for your roof. When shingles get damaged from excessive sunlight exposure or wind, they may begin to curl back from their initial position on the roof. During a roof inspection, your contractor will evaluate your shingles for any signs of curling away from their initial placement on the roof. If your shingles are found to be curled or missing, they will need to be replaced to protect your roof from wind and rain damage.

Water Damage

Along with looking for signs of damage on the exterior of your roof, you may also want to check the interior spaces of your home. Water damage in your attic can indicate that your roofing materials have become dislodged or become broken. Since water damage can lead to other problems, such as black mold and structural weaknesses, a leaking roof should be repaired immediately. Repairing your roof damage will properly protect your home, and will also keep the exterior of your property looking great.