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Steps to Take if Your Roof Is Damaged in a Storm

Wind, rain, snow, and hail can cause a significant amount of damage to your roofing materials. Are you wondering if your home requires storm damage roof repair in Bergen County, NJ? If so, then follow these steps:

Take Safety Measures

Following a storm, start by ensuring that your family is safe and evacuate your home if necessary. If you see any downed power lines, stay away from these hazards and contact your utility company. Also, do not climb up on your roof to assess it if there is severe damage that may have compromised its integrity.

Evaluate the Damage

Next, determine how bad the damage is by checking your roof for broken, cracked, or missing tiles, as well as any damage to the gutters, flashing, or vents. Each of these problems should be addressed by a storm damage roof repair service as soon as possible. However, if you see any split seams, holes in your roof, or water leaking into your attic or ceiling, then these more serious issues should be fixed immediately by an emergency roof repair team.

Contact Your Insurance

Once you have an idea of how much damage your roof has suffered, call your insurance provider to report the damage. Because it’s common for policies to have a limit for how long you can wait to file a claim, it is best to begin the process right away. At this stage, take plenty of pictures of the damage, if possible.

Hire Repair Services

After calling your insurance company and beginning the claims process, contact an emergency roof repair company. Because there is a good chance that other homes in the area also need roof repairs, it’s ideal to take this step as soon as possible to help ensure that a repair team will make it to your home quickly. Also, the longer you wait to repair roof damage, the more likely it is that moisture and other elements will cause additional damage to your roof and the structure of your home.