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Choosing a Color You’ll Love for Your New Metal Roof

The color of your metal roof in Saddle River, NJ will have a lot to do with your home or business’s curb appeal. There’s a lot more to it than that, however, so aesthetics are not the only thing to worry about. Different colors interact with light in different ways, and the shade of your roof can even have an impact on the energy efficiency of your building. If you’re having trouble choosing a color you’ll love for your new metal roof, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Metal roofs come with a few key benefits no matter what color they are. They’re known to last for many years and stand up against heavy winds and impact. They’re also naturally energy-efficient because they reflect sunlight, preventing the ultraviolet rays from the sun from heating up your space during the summer. Darker hues absorb more light, while lighter colors reflect it away. Your roof color should fit in with your existing design as well. Choose a color that looks great under different lighting conditions so your roof impresses at any time of day. With today’s technology, your color options are practically limitless.