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Talk Like a Roofing Pro: Terminology You Need to Know

Your roof inspector in Ridgewood, NJ will try to speak in terms that you can understand when telling you about what he or she noticed during the roof inspection. If you want to meet your inspector halfway, learn about some of the terms you might come across in conversation. Knowing about flashing, shingles, and mortar makes it easier for you to understand exactly what your roof inspector is talking about. If you want to talk like a roofing pro, continue reading for some terminology you need to know.


It’s much easier to see eye to eye with your roof inspector if you’re caught up on the essential lingo. Knowing what the relevant terminology means allows you to stay fully informed and gives you a good idea of what kind of shape your roof is in. Flashing is a word that will come up a lot, as it’s the main line of defense between the inside of your home and the elements outside. Flashing is a waterproofing component of the roof. It’s made of metal and is used to cover joints and connections where moisture might be able to get inside. When your roof inspector says you need new flashing, you’ll need to have it replaced to prevent water damage and mold in the attic.


A roofing system might look solid from a distance, but as you get closer you may be able to pick out the individual components that make up the whole. Shingles are the small individual pieces of wood, asphalt, or metal that are layered across the roof. One way to find out if your roof is failing is to look for the shingle granules that have fallen off around the base of your house. It’s normal to lose some granules, but you should call the roof inspector if too many are falling off.


Your chimney is a part of your roofing system, even though it protrudes through the roof itself. Mortar is the material that holds the chimney’s bricks together, and it’s an element that your roof inspector should look over.