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3 Common Spring Roof Problems Facing Ridgewood Residents

Spring is here and it’s important to prepare your roof for any potential spring roof damage that could occur. During the springtime, the Ridgewood area is prone to harsh winds, chilly temperatures, rainfall, and even some snow.

You can’t always prevent spring weather damage, but knowing what types of damage to look out for will help you prepare your roof and have a plan in place if your home sustains damage. 


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3 Common Spring Roof Problems in Ridgewood 

Storm Damage

The harsh winds and heavy rain can break down your roofing and cause weak branches and tree limbs to fall onto your home and dent your roofing. These natural conditions can also cause high levels of shingle damage, punctured or cracked roofing, leaks, and water pooling.

Gutter Issues

During the fall and winter months, your gutter system can get clogged with leaves, ice, and heavy snow. Heavy spring rain can make the issues worse by clogging your gutters even more and causing them to overflow and cause structural damage to your home.

Water Damage 

Heavy spring showers in Ridgewood can damage your roof’s shingles, flashing, and the seals around your roof’s vents. Spring rainfall can deteriorate your roofing over time and cause leaks, water pooling, and water damage issues with rust, mold, and mildew.


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Prepping Your Roof for Spring Weather: 3 Tips

Schedule a Roof Inspection: Booking a professional roof inspection will help you discover all the hidden damage that has occurred over the winter months. That way, any issues can be promptly addressed and your roof will be ready to face whatever spring weather brings. 


Maintain Your Gutters: It’s wise to have your gutter system inspected and thoroughly cleaned out. Maintaining your gutter system will help ensure that your gutters can effectively channel rainwater away from your home.


Hire a Local Roofing Company: Finding a local roofing company for your guide to spring weather repair maintenance will ensure that you are provided with thoughtful, high-quality, reliable, and personalized roofing solutions that will stand the test of time. 


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