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Learn How Roof Shingles Are Made

One of the most common roofing materials in Ridgewood, NJ is the asphalt shingle. These roof shingles are highly durable and should last for several decades. Watch the video for a look at how these sturdy roofing shingles are made.

Very large rolls of fiberglass or recycled fiber membranes are rolled through various tracks until the long sheet reaches a liquid saturator. These membrane sheets are then saturated with various types of coatings, including asphalt and a weather-resistant material. To create roof shingles with different colors, ceramic granules are also added to the membrane sheets. These granules also help the shingles resist UV rays from the sun. After several other coats that make the roof shingles stronger, the rolls are then cut, counted, and stacked. They will eventually reach a roofing company and be installed onto a house or commercial building.