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Is a Flat Roof Right for Your Commercial Building?

When determining the construction of your commercial building, you may wish to consider a flat roof in Ridgewood, NJ. Flat roofs offer many benefits for all types of buildings, but especially for commercial buildings. Continue reading for a look at why a flat roof may be the right addition to your commercial building.

It is a low-cost roofing option

Flat roofs are one of the least expensive options when installing a new roof. They typically use less material, meaning a roof installer can charge less for the material and the installation time. Flat roofs are also less costly because they employ a sturdy membrane known as thermoplastic olefin (TPO) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). With a TPO roof installation, your roof is less likely to need as much maintenance over the years. A TPO or PVC roof will also stand the test of time for several years, meaning less cost to you and your business.

It is a low-maintenance roofing option

When you have a flat roof installed, you are less likely to have many maintenance issues over your roof’s lifespan. Due to the nature of flat roofs, they have very few problems compared to other roofs. For example, sloped or pitched roofs may have broken tiles, blocked valleys, and several other problems. As long as flat roofs are installed correctly and regularly maintained by a professional, you are likely to have a strong roof protecting your building for many years to come.

It is a spacious roofing option

If a flat roof is built correctly, you can have more interior and exterior space for your business to expand. With a flat roof installed, your interior space will be more open, which can allow for more shelving, decorations, or other additions that can benefit your business. You may also wish to expand your business by creating another area located on the roof. If the roof was properly installed and coded for people, a flat roof can provide an enjoyable gathering spot for customers or employees.