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Metal Roofing and Extreme Weather

Metal roofs are the perfect addition to any home or commercial building, especially during extreme weather conditions. Due to the sturdy construction of metal roofs, they can resist 140 mph winds, storms, and day-to-day sunny weather. Here is a look at how well metal roofs stack up against all types of extreme weather:

  • When the snow starts packing heavily on a metal roof, homeowners will not need to worry about potential ice damming. Metal roofs shed snow exceptionally fast, which keeps ice from building up on the eaves. Without ice dams, homeowners will not have to worry as much about water damage in their attics.
  • Metal roofs can also stand up to extremely high winds and hail storms. Other roofing materials may become damaged and leak, but metal roofs may only sustain some light denting. This can be prevented with the right metal roof material.
  • Some homeowners may worry about excessive noise in a heavy storm. Roofing companies can add structural barriers to a metal roof construction to minimize potential noise.