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What to Expect When You Hire a Roof Cleaner

Many people may not realize their roof should receive a regular cleaning as part of their roof maintenance in Ridgewood, NJ. A roof cleaner should be a professional from a roof installer or maintenance company so that your roof will be cleaned the correct way.

The Right Cleaning Materials

When you hire a roof cleaner, ask about the materials and methods he will be using to properly clean your roof. There are several different methods and solutions that may be used, but they are not all safe for your roof. Abrasive detergents and pressure washing are both cleaning methods that can prove harmful to your roofing. Ask if the cleaning solutions will damage the rest of your home, appliances, or your landscaping. Also, inquire about assurances that mold, algae, and other harmful growths will not immediately return after the roof cleaning.

Removal of Dangerous Mold Growth

The main reason to have your roof cleaned regularly is to remove algae, mold, and lichen from invading your roof and house. If these organisms are allowed to thrive, especially mold, you could be looking at mold or lichen growth within your attic or house. Mold grows wherever there are spores present in a damp and warm environment. If you have mold growing on your roof, it could potentially travel through your attic vents or heating and cooling systems. Professional roof cleaning can remove harmful mold, along with algae, lichen, and any other unattractive growths.

Improved Curb Appeal

No matter the shape of your roof—flat, gable, or hip—it is possible for you and your neighbors to see the condition it is in on a daily basis. Instead of letting your roof fall into disrepair or become covered in harmful algae and mold, call for professional roof cleaning. By regularly cleaning your roof, you and your neighbors will appreciate the added curb appeal to your home. A clean roof can also contribute to a faster sale if you ever plan on selling your house.