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Your Practical Guide to Handling Severe Weather Damage to Your Home

Natural disasters and other severe weather events can cause property damage, injury, and even fatalities, but a strong home with a fortified roof will offer some protection. Once the weather has died down and it’s safe to go outside and look around, you can get an idea of what kind of damage has been done to your house. You can start to address smaller problems like minor leaks with temporary fixes, but you shouldn’t wait to call for storm damage roof repair in Glen Rock, NJ if significant damage has been done to your roof. Here’s your practical guide to handling severe weather damage to your home.

Survey the Damage

Once the weather has died down and it’s safe to go outside, take a walk around your property and see what kind of damage has been done. The storm could’ve knocked over power lines or trees onto your home, which may result in damage to your siding or your roof. In the case of hurricanes or extremely heavy winds, your roof may have lost shingles or even blown off of its foundation entirely. You still need to keep rain and animals out of your house after the storm, so don’t wait to call for emergency roof repair.

Use a Temporary Fix

You might notice any number of problems when you walk around the inside of your house after a severe weather event. Leaks are among the most common problems, and small leaks can quickly lead to large problems. If you notice water dripping from the ceiling, use a bucket to catch the water so it doesn’t seep into your flooring and cause even more water damage. Clean up any moisture that you come across to protect yourself from a mold problem before the storm damage roof repair pros arrive.

Call Your Roofing Company

When an intense storm comes in and damages your roof, you’ll need to take action quickly. Get ahold of your emergency roof repair professionals so they can give your roof a more thorough inspection and decide what needs to be repaired to return your investment to normal.