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After 80 years in business and thousands and thousands of roofing jobs, Homestead Roofing Company is still going strong as the premier roofing company in Ridgewood, NJ. What sets Homestead Roofing Company apart from other roofing companies in NJ? For starters, the main priority for everyone at Homestead Roofing Company is total customer satisfaction. Homestead Roofing Company also handles all aspects of roof repair, maintenance, and installation, which will save you time and money otherwise spent searching for multiple roofing contractors to do the same work Homestead Roofing Company can do. Watch this video to learn a bit more about the company!

For all your commercial and residential roofing needs, trust the professionals at Homestead Roofing Company. Call us today at (201) 444-2233 to learn more about the roofing repair, maintenance, and construction services we offer in Ridgewood and the surrounding areas. We’re also happy to provide you with references so you can hear first-hand accounts of the excellent service that has made us one of the leading roofing services providers in NJ. We also offer free estimates, so give us a call and discuss your roofing needs with one of our professional roofing contractors.